Is this thing on? I'm Kitty, 28, internet relic, general hot mess Worlds Okayest Gemini, exhausted gremlin, vegan demon.

Past taglines & bullshit, I'm a disabled artist from bumfuck nowhere. I've been fucking around online for you know, ever (Xanga, anyone?)- and cuz I complain about missing when the internet was fun my friend Shelly finally twisted my arm hard enough for me to give this Neocities shit a shot. (Shelly's actually my "oldest" internet friend at this point. Wild.)

I have to be "publicly acceptable" on social media because I need to eat I suprisingly enough run my own business, so I'm happy to have somewhere quiet to unwind & throw stupid .pngs at. (If you know me from elsewhere, I don't really care - I'm sure you've seen me say some stupid shit onine. But I'm here to have fun damnit, don't make me put the customer service voice on.)

I talk a lot but I freeze up talking about myself so uh. Ya get what ya get, I guess. I'm sure I'll add to this later, or at least make it slightly more coherent.

Current mood: The current mood of glamourgoblin at

loves: music, my cats, rainbows, animal print, sleeping late, animal rights, Halloween, makeup, the internet, clowns, spiders, slipper socks, Living Dead Dolls, bunnies, stuffed animals, Jay & Silent Bob, painting, skeletons, comics, acrylic nails, cheesy horror, the entirety of autumn, stickers, action figures & toys, cemeteries, freshly colored hair, possums, raccoons, and bats.

loathes: how much water costs at shows, billionaires, using watercolor paints, the Sex Pistols, burnt coffee, Tiger King, pushy people, the highway during the day, humidity & weather above 75F, the fact that Funko Pops! blew up when Funko makes so many cooler toys, crowded stores, my lifelong insomnia, vegetarians that manage to still act holier-than-thou, U2, when people only want to hang out to get fucked up, uncomfortable shoes, Machine Gun Kelly

music: I like most new wave, classic punk, and way too many subgenres of metal FWIW. Everything else is just a fun bonus. Misfits/Danzig/Samhain, Britney Spears, My Chemical Romance, Type O Negative/Carnivore, Lil Peep, Andrew WK, Against Me!, Acid Bath, Dethklok, AFI, Blondie, Joan Jett, White Zombie (and Rob Zombie), Alkaline Trio, Garbage, Between the Buried and Me, Prince, Mercyful Fate & King Diamond, The Used, No Doubt, ABBA, Electric Wizard, Lil Kim, Nine Inch Nails, Ramones, Streetight Manifestio, George Michael, Acid Witch, Elton John, Black Flag, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (Click here to go to my

tv & movies: true crime shows, Metalocalypse, The Crow, Mallrats, Dogma, Rocky Horror, Beetlejuice (and Beetlejuice the animated series), Hedwig & The Angry Inch, The Birdcage, Peewee's Big Adventure (& Peewees Playhouse), Daria, Forensic Files, Party Monster, Home Movies, American Psycho, The Munsters, Spongebob, My Little Pony: FiM, Halloween, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Falling Down, American Psycho, Arrested Development

hobbies: crochet, rollerblading, collecting too many things, cross stitch, sewing, tarot, collage, HTML, reading comics, going to shows, making vests/jackets/patches, collecting action figures, buying too many craft supplies, crochet AGAIN, baking, learning useless morbid shit, sleeping forever

About this site:
Well, it's "mostly" a personal site. I say this because I'm a fuckin' workaholic and I really need to something because I enjoy doing it. I like fussing with HTML & making graphics, so why not. At the moment - this site almost serves as a weird old archive of internet crap I've made, mixed with just stuff I enjoy. A weird way to feel like I'm being "productive" when really I'm just fucking around.

One part glamour, one part goblin. Both my own existence & the majority of my interests have always been in absolute contrast of each other - blood and guts, and collecting My Little Ponies. Sparkles & glitter fills....on a Cannibal Corpse cover. Whatever. I've built my life & even my work around it, my artwork & shop is all under "GlitterGore" - a name I came up with in 2015 to sum up that...very strange balance that I like to call home.

But this isn't work. Glamour Goblin is how I describe myself, and this is where I want to hang out. I miss the time I spent online growing up, reading pages and pages of random information - looking at page sources and stumbling into someones giant .mp3 stash. I just want to have fun. And that's what the hell I'm gunna do, wether that means sharing old blinkies or posting 34567 glitter edits of Glenn Danzig.

What the hell even are these? Anyways.

One of my favorite parts of DeviantArt & LiveJournal was collecting stamps & blinkies for my userinfo, and further back I was OBSESSED with making sure my AIM icons were ~just right~. I even used to pay pixel artists for blinkies I'd use at the end of my Livejournal posts! Trying to make myself icons & graphics to personalize my pages online is how I taught myself to use Photoshop, and is definitely why most of my personal projects look like they're straight out of 2006.

(Want more? Check out my Collections page!)