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Pretty much my only hobby is...making junk. Sewing, gluing stuff to other stuff, whatever. But! I've been doing traditional art junk "full time" (whatever that means) since late 2015, but I've been making garbage pretty much my whole life. Here's my little gallery of GlitterGore nonsense! (Can y'all tell how much I like alliteration?)

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last updated: 2/16/22

recent junk

Art from the past couple months! I was really burnt out after Christmas (I do themed ornaments, they're great but...no.) and OFC immediately threw myself into making Valentines themed art, like a fool. (Watermarks are my IG username - cuz I'm fuckin lazy. Deal!) I'm hoping to keep selling originals this year (now that I've finally become okay with letting go of..most things) but we'll see what happens I guess.

(I update my Instagram typically the day after I finish a piece, I'm kinda lazy updating here.)

2021 junk

I spent the majority of 2020 not doing jack shit and focusing on stickers & patches for my Etsy, but early spring of 2021 I decided I was going to force myself to enjoy making art again, even if nothing very good came out of it. I've been having fun, and starting too many projects. - digging into the things I've always loved painting in the first place: scantily clad ladies & bones. I started working on canvas again too instead of just being worried I was wasting panels if something didn't come out "good enough". The self-portrait was the first drawing I'd posted on social media in pretty much a full calendar year. Then the third - a gift for my childhood best friend in March was the first time I'd touched paint "for real" since late 2019. I have the majority of these available as prints in my Etsy.

old artwork
Some favorites from 2016-2019 - from most recent to least. I actually *barely* made anything in 2020 because of both the state of the world & my personal life, but whatever.