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I'm a digital hoarder, so you know I've gotta have a link page.

Here's some links to people & pages I like, sources & credits for sites I used to put my pages together, and even some buttons to link back here if you want to link back to me! (Let me know if you put my button on your site, I'd love to come visit & add yours!)

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Friends, other sites, & places I Like:

(Shelly gets her own spot cuz she rules, & also cuz she dragged me here in the first place - of course.)

TrashParadise Castle Cyberskull Home Video Horrors


Joining Fanlistings Type O Negative Korn Jeff Hardy Scott Hall Bettie Page Elvira RHPS Harley Quinn Neon Colors NIN WHAM! MCR The Cure Labyrinth Bret Hart Donnie Darko Wrestling Slash


Lissa Explains it All | make your own blinkies!

All of my site buttons, headers, etc. were made by me - but there's a ton of other fun stuff here
too - like pixels & blinkies from other sites! Check them out here.