Don't mistake lack of talent for genius
Welcome to my Type O Negative shrine. It's a work in progress, and currently has barely anything on it, but whatever who cares - it'll happen eventually. When I realized Neocities shrines were a "thing" I knew they needed one - Type O has been a band that I've always been....fairly fanatical about. (To put it lightly) Like, to the extent that I've been asked about them while being interviewed about...fairly professional & completely unrelated things before. (Read an excerpt here)

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So funny (not really) story - I've got goth parents. Keyword goth, not metalhead parents. I started getting into metal on my own as a teenager - enter Type O, & their beloved combo of doom & gothic metal. (Gothic metal is a gateway drug & I will die on that hill.) I still remember being on a burn cruise with friends maybe around 15, and laughing to myself in the backseat while I tried to make sure I'd remember a line or two to Google when I got home. Hooked. Pack it up, it's fucking over, this is the only thing I'm going to listen to for the next decade or more. And that's exactly what happened. Hell, I credit Type O as forming most of my other metal tastes, even now. (HMU if you've got a Type O adjacent band, I guess)

"Favorites" come & go, Type O really doesn't. Even though I try to mix it up every so often - I have no clue how I'm not tired of them. (And I get burnt out on Misfits, for fucks sake!)

With that said, I really don't think I've met a casual Type O Negative fan. Is it the balance of semi offensive humor and riffs as slow deep & hard as you'd imagine? Does everyone really just want to fuck Pete that badly? Why the hell is their fan base this rabid, even a decade after they split? I don't know. I really didn't think I could enjoy so many songs about wanting to straight up die, or about...werewolf-esque period sex but here we are.
If you apparently have been living under a rock for the past...30 years, or want Black Sabbath & Bauhaus to kiss on the mouth they might be something you're interested in.


Location: Brooklyn, New York
Status: Split-up
Original lineup: Peter Steele, Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver, Sal Abruscato (1989–1993)
Final lineup: Peter Steele, Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver, Johnny Kelly

Years active:
β€’ 1989-1990 (as New Minority)
β€’ 1990 (as Repulsion)
β€’ 1990 (as Sub Zero)
β€’ 1990-2010 (Until Pete's death)

Studio albums: 7

Just like my Misfits shrine, I'm not here to write a damn biography. I just want to crack jokes about mandatory band haircare routines & infodump about my favorite albums.

My Faves:

Currently listening: Dead Again (2007)
Album: Life Is Killing Me(2003)
Song: (I' Later. Maybe?)
Cover song: Angry Inch & Highway Star
Cover art: Bloody Kisses
Music video: Black No. 1

β€’ Official website
β€’ Peter Steele Rocks - run by the Estate of Peter Steele Ratajczyk & family
β€’ Peter's Tree Page (Facebook)
β€’ 2008 Peter Steele Interview (Metal Hammer, allegedly one of his last.)