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Andrew W.K Peter Steele Glenn Danzig
About "Men That Look Like THAT"

Birthday: May 9, 1979
Height: 6β€² 3β€³

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Birthday: January 4, 1962 (Died April 14, 2010)
Height: 6β€² 8β€³

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Birthday: June 23rd, 1955
Height: 5' 3" ..with lifts
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...but like, what the fuck is this?
"Men That Look Like THATβ„’" is mostly a gag, and
half a direct call out handed to me by Shelly. What it boils down to is...I'm a lesbian with functioning eyes, goddamnit - and not being interested in/attracted to dudes doesn't mean I can't tell when they're handsome. (I actually talk about this a bit in this TikTok) One part incredible gender envy, one part attaching myself to a convincing "macho" celebrity crush in case anyone asked what kind of guys I liked at a teenage sleepover. (With long hair of course, because I'm not a masochist and couldn't pretend to be "into" Chad Michael Murray types.) So! This is a gallery of guys that are Nathan Explosion adjacent, and maybe a few that just fit the "longer hair and built" bill - styled like a Y2K teen "heartthrob" page cuz I think it's funny, damnit. (And clearly I needed another Danzig gallery.)