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As much as I love Danzig I think I love making fun of him even more - and apparently I'm not alone in that. This of course is made worse by the fact that he has always seemed absolutely incapable of taking a joke. Whenever I sign into my highschool Facebook there's an 85% chance one of my "On This Day" posts will be me sharing something from Danzig Memes 10yrs+ ago. Shit rules. I think I was in 10th grade when the kitty litter pictures first popped up & clearly, it's all been downhill for my sense of humor since. The dumbest shit makes me laugh I swear. So - here's my Danzig memestash, with both stuff I've made & stuff I've saved. (Anything I've made if you click it'll take you to the original social media post - otherwise click = full size.) Enjoy Or don't, maybe you're Glenn Danzig and you hate fun. Either way.
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danzig memes i've made
My Instagram is merely a vehicle for making fun of Danzig, I'll be honest.

fave memes from other pages
Some of these are classic, some of them are recent - but 138% of them still make me laugh when I've seen them multiple times.

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