Welcome to my weird web gallery! I started trying to use AppleWorks & GIMP to make things for my Myspace profile in 2006. I've only taken one real "computer class" & that was in 6th grade - that's where I first got to play with Photoshop Elements & HTML. Everything past that point I've figured out myself from years of being online. Until this year I was still using Photoshop CS3 to make all of my design elements because I "didn't need all the extras in CS6". In the future maybe I'll start making new stuff to put here, but in the meantime - here's my random stash of stuff I've made from anywhere between a couple years ago, or 2009.

Anything that I've made myself & shared here is free to use, though I do ask that you leave watermarks intact & link back here if you're feeling generous. (Click here for linkback buttons!)

new graphics:

old graphics:
Behold, junk I've made between 2008-2017! (Incomplete, of course.)