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Howdy! I'm Kitty, welcome to my personal corner of the internet. (You can read about me here!) This site is updated live & at complete random, so don't mind the mess. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but I guess we'll find out. As of right now, I'm just posting stuff I like - and hoarding graphics I've made myself & yoinked over the years & that's good enough for me.

The little devil guy on the right will pop out of this paragraph if I don't keep typing, and I'm too lazy to figure out what I actually want to write about here...so uh...uh? Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Wow, amazing, what a time to be alive. Yadda yadda yadda some other bullshit here. Wow!

I'm assuming you read the last page & agreed that by coming in here you're aware that your eyes might fall out of your head, or I might swear too much & post about things that aren't appropriate for children - but does anyone even read those things? Fingers crossed. If you didn't here's your last chance to ditch....

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8/7/22: Is this thing on? Just cleaning up!
2/17/22: Graphics page updated - added virtual pinboard
2/16/22: Suprise bitch! Betcha thought you saw the last of me! Updated my music & glitter pages, finished my 2021 art gallery & added some new junk.
9/12/21: Long time no updates! Added a new glitter page!
9/5/21: Art index is finally functional! Added a collage page too.
(Also updated some collections!)
9/4/21: Painting page is live! Still have other sections to work on, but hey!
9/3/21: Updated links, music page semi functional!
9/2/21: Updated shrines, Glenn Danzig page fixed/slightly less ugly
9/1/21: Shrines updated, Anna Nicole Smith page added,
Danzig band page updated, gallery added.
8/30/21: New shrine landing, added "Babe Gallery"
8/29/21: The guestbook is fixed? I don't know. Did a bunch of stuff to the Danzig shrine(s) - split into two parts, meme page added.
8/27/21: Graphics updated - I started my sticker book!
Shrines updated - Danzig "band" page works, "Danzig Handbook" gallery added.
Had to make a new guestbook too - go take a peek!
8/26/21: Shrines updated - Danzig landing page semi-functional.
8/23/21: Graphics updated - new blinkies & stamp page added.
Collections updated - sticker section added! A few buttons, too.
8/22/21: Graphics updated - glitter archive added (Incomplete)
Shrines index is up, no fully functional links yet, though.
8/21/21: Graphics updated - tiled backgrounds added
8/21/21: Added a Guestbook, Graphics page is semi-functional (only "Icons" page for now.)
8/20/21: Hey, there's actually stuff here! Some links work, some don't - who cares!
8/19/21: Added "About" section